Intronix MA134A Mictor adapter

  Recommended target system receptacle: AMP 5767096-1 or 2-5767004-2   


Pin and Channel assignments
Mictor Pin (2, 3, 4) Intronix Pin (5) Intronix Sig. (1) Agilent Sig. (1, 2) Tektronix Sig. (1, 2)
1 N/C P1 +5VDC N/C
2 N/C P2 SCL N/C
3 N/C P3 GND N/C
4 N/C P4 SDA N/C
5 40 CLK2 CLKe CLK:0
6 20 CLK1 CLKo CLK:1
7 38 D31 D15e x3:7
8 18 D15 D15o x1:7
9 37 D30 D14e x3:6
10 17 D14 D14o x1:6
11 36 D29 D13e x3:5
12 16 D13 D13o x1:5
13 35 D28 D12e x3:4
14 15 D12 D12o x1:4
15 34 D27 D11e x3:3
16 14 D11 D11o x1:3
17 33 D26 D10e x3:2
18 13 D10 D10o x1:2
19 32 D25 D9e x3:1
20 12 D9 D9o x1:1
21 31 D24 D8e x3:0
22 11 D8 D8o x1:0
23 28 D23 D7e x2:7
24 8 D7 D7o x0:7
25 27 D22 D6e x2:6
26 7 D6 D6o x0:6
27 26 D21 D5e x2:5
28 6 D5 D5o x0:5
29 25 D20 D4e x2:4
30 5 D4 D4o x0:4
31 24 D19 D3e x2:3
32 4 D3 D3o x0:3
33 23 D18 D2e x2:2
34 3 D2 D2o x0:2
35 22 D17 D1e x2:1
36 2 D1 D1o x0:1
37 21 D16 D0e x2:0
38 1 D0 D0o x0:0
39-43 9,10,19,29,30,39 GND GND GND


1. Intronix logic analyzer channels correlate as follows:

  Agilent Odd probe D[15..0] = Intronix D[15..0]
Agilent Even probe D[15..0] = Intronix D[31..16]
Agilent Odd probe CLK = Intronix CLK1
Agilent Even probe CLK = Intronix CLK2
(Replace Odd or Even with actual probe number used, e.g. probe 1 is Odd)
Tektronix probe x0:[7..0] = Intronix D[7..0]
Tektronix probe x1:[7..0] = Intronix D[15..8]
Tektronix probe x2:[7..0] = Intronix D[23..16]
Tektronix probe x3:[7..0] = Intronix D[31..24]
Tektronix CLK:0 = Intronix CLK2
Tektronix CLK:1 = Intronix CLK1
(Replace x with actual probe used, e.g. A0:[7..0] is part of probe A)

2. Agilent documentation uses the AMP Mictor pin numbering convention, while Tektronix uses a different convention. The Mictor pin numbers shown here use the AMP convention. Tektronix assignments shown here have been translated to the AMP convention, so they may not "appear" to match Tektronix documentation (though the physical connections are correct). The MA134A is compatible with target systems using either convention.

3. Pins 1-4 are special function pins for Agilent emulators only. Tektronix recommends connecting these pins to ground. Agilent says not to connect these pins at all. We recommend leaving them open because Agilent connects power and signals to these pins. The MA134A brings these pins out to solder pads P1 through P4 which can be used as you see fit.

4. Pins 39-43 are the large ground pins in the center of the Mictor. Be sure to connect all of these pins directly to the ground plane in the target system for best performance.
5. Pin numbers for the 40 pin input header used by Intronix logic analyzers (shown for reference only).

Specifications subject to change without notice


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